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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the building process take?
The length of the building process varies based on several factors: size and complexity of home, weather, homeowner decisions being made on time, etc. In general, however, a smaller more basic home should be completed (from excavation to closing) in about 3-4 months. Obviously, larger and more complex homes will take longer.

How far in advance should I start working with my builder for my new home?
Typically, it works best (and the homeowner feels less rushed) if the homeowner begins working with us a few months in advance (although we have worked with past customers for much longer and shorter periods of time before construction started).

Should we have a blueprint or design before we come to you?
Charlie Knapp Builders offers our own in-house design services to our customers through the use of AutoCAD. We are flexible as we have built many homes that were designed/drawn by outside architects, and many homes than we have designed/drawn ourselves.

Do we need to already own a lot?
No. We can work with you to find a lot or land that suites what you are looking for. Many times we are able to get a builders discount on lots that we would pass through directly to the homeowner.

Do you have model blueprints of houses?
Yes and No. We have a collection of blueprints of homes that we have previously built and can share ones with you that are similar to what you are looking for. As a truly “custom” builder, though, we do not keep several model prints on hand, but instead create you a unique design that fits your family.

Does Charlie Knapp Builders only build big houses?
Absolutely not! While we have built several high-end homes around town, we cater to a wide variety of budgets. We do believe strongly, however, that all sizes of homes deserve the same high level of quality in craftsmanship and products. We recommend using higher end products (windows, furnace, hardware, plumbing fixtures, etc.), but can back off of those as requested by the homeowner. Regardless of size of house, or products used, however, you will always get the highest level of quality in the carpentry labor we do to frame and trim out your new home.

What is the price per square foot to build a new home?
This is one of the questions we receive the most, yet has too many variables for us to be able to give a general answer to. Please click on this document to read more about price per square foot.

How can I make sure my new house will be energy efficient?
Many factors can drive this, but the main things are: quality construction, type of heating/cooling system installed, type/thickness of insulation, attic space being properly ventilated, and quality level of windows.

Am I able to do any of the work myself to save labor cost?
Yes. Several of our previous homeowners have elected to do some of the labor themselves to save a bit of cost. Typically the work homeowners elect to do is painting, siding, or shingling.

Who will actually be building my house?
Charlie Knapp Builders hires carpenters as a part of our direct staff. We do not subcontract out our framing or finishing carpentry labor, so when you hire us as your builder, we will be the ones on the job literally building your home. The areas of the home that we subcontract out, we will only bid out to subs that have a proven reputation for quality work and integrity of billing.

If I am getting bids from more than one builder, how do I know we are getting accurate bids to compare?
If you plan on getting bids from more than one builder, we recommend allowing us to put together a complete set of specification sheets for you first. We feel (and have been told by many of our subs), that we are more detailed with our specs than anyone in the area. We would encourage you to then take our specs to the other builders, or at least make sure to ask questions of the other builders of every item we have listed out for you. If something is not clearly written out in specs, then you are not guaranteed it is included in that builder’s price.