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Once we have a customized drawing compiled for your new home, we go through an extremely detailed list of specs (specifications) with you.  We will ask you various questions from what kind and size of trim you want, to the finish you would like on your bathroom fixtures.  We feel that these details are absolutely essential in giving you an accurate price for your custom home.  This part of the process is something that we believe sets us apart from our competition.  We are continuously honing our list of specs to make sure that you understand exactly the house we are pricing out for you (knowing what parts are included and what is not included).  If you choose to get bids from more that one builder, we feel that it is essential that you demand each builder to give you these details in writing.  Over the years we have had many subcontractors comment on the fact that we give them more detail than any other builder on how to price out their part of the project.  We want both you and us to be on the same page from the beginning, so that there are not unexpected add-on charges later in the process.

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