Charlie Knapp Builders, Inc.

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My wife and I selected Charlie Knapp to build our home back in 1997.  We were very happy with the building process and with the home we have been living in since.  Charlie, his wife, Ron , and the entire team were very easy to work with, always seeking to involve us in decisions and striving for our satisfaction.  The quality of the construction, attention to detail, and overall craftsmanship resulted in a custom built house that we plan to enjoy for many years to come.
     --Scott and Jackie Kaiser, New Home, Rural Lexington

I cannot thank [Charlie Knapp Builders] enough for the outstanding work that you all did on our family room and garage addition. This project exceeded our expectations in every way. Your guidance and assistance with the entire process from the first phone call we made to your office to the completion of the entire project was such an asset in making this addition the dream project that it was. The high quality of work that the entire crew did was beyond what we had ever envisioned. Specifically, we would like to thank Ron for his superior carpentry. Our goal with the addition was to make sure that it didn't look like an add-on, but rather looked as though an extension of our existing house. Thanks to Ron's expertise, all of the woodwork was hand crafted to identically match the original woodwork in the rest of the house. Every person that has seen the addition has commented on the tremendous job performed by Charlie Knapp Builders. We highly recommend your company to everyone that we talk to!
     --Kyle and Jennifer Killion, Addition, Rural DeWitt

Charlie has built a house, done 2 remodels, 2 decks, and a tree damage repair for us. He does excellent work, when he says he will do it, and at or below the estimate. I have total trust in him. He is honest as the day is long, plus being a nice guy.
     --Chuck and Marsha Albritton, New Home/Repeat Customer, Lake Bloomington, Hudson

Working with Charlie and his extended team has been a true blessing for our family.  Charlie is honest, forthright, and responsive.  For these reasons we selected him as our builder over a decade ago and remain tremendously pleased to this day.  When people come to our home for ideas on building, I will show them how incredibly precise Charlie's framing is, down to the last eighth of an inch.  And working with the rest of his team, particularly Ron, was a very positive experience.  Since the original construction, there is only one number I ever call for additional work and that is Charlie's.  To be able to say that years later is a special privilege.
     --Dr. and Mrs. Finn Amble, New Home, Lake Bloomington, Hudson

There isn't a day that goes by that we do not say "bless this house" -- we LOVE where we live and we adored working with Charlie, Paula, and Ron.  Our home is one of the smaller ones the Knapp's designed and built when we decided we wanted my aged 90 year old mom to come live with us.  Many people have negative experiences when building a custom home, but our experience with the Knapp's was a special and joyful time.
     --Ed and Judy H., New Home, Charterwood Farms Subdivision, Bloomington

All of your employees were good to work with -- great bunch!  Even though I checked on your progress daily, there were so many things that we had no clue about.  CKB's honesty, especially when mistakes were made, made a big impression.  It speaks for your reputation as a fine builder.  We looked forward to building a new home and you guys (and gal) made it pleasurable.  Thanks.
     --Jim and Pam Mullen, New Home, Rural Heyworth

The laborers/builders were very friendly. They both talked to me or my wife and looked clean (good appearance). I am proud of the deck. Not a person has walked by without saying how nice it looks. The quality is what I like the most. I don't think any corners were cut to save time. They did a great job. I feel we got a job well done.
     --Tom and Anita Kirk, Deck Addition, Old Farm Lakes Subdivision, Bloomington